We love tattoos! However, walking in to a shop for your first tattoo can be daunting! We speak with Tattooers Sarah Jamison of Lucky 13 in Lakewood, CO and Monica Lee of Auspicious Tattoo in Boulder, CO about what to expect and how to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Jasmine Giffen, piercer at Celebrity Tattoo in Lakewood, CO, is also back on the show.

Get in touch with Sarah:

Instagram: @shotajamo

Email: jamisonjamison@gmail.com


Get in touch with Monica:

Instagram: @monicamoonbunny

Email: monicamoonbunny@gmail.com


Get in touch with Jasmine:

Instagram: @sadopacivist

Facebook: Piercings by Jasmine https://www.facebook.com/sadopacivist/

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