Building a Revolution

2020 created another casualty in the workforce that we are just beginning to feel: The Female Recession. Suddenly, working parents were expected to manage their children’s schooling all while working 50+ hours a week. Face with the choice of their family or their career, many were forced into a hard decision that will impact their earning potential for years. Sadly, LGBTQ+, disabled, and persons of color were even more severely impacted. What can be done to help support women and heads-of-households in keeping their careers, their families, and even their sanity intact?

Entrepreneur Marie Hale’s brainchild Fwd.rEvolution offers resources in all these areas. Launching in early 2021, the multi-faceted initiative brings industry leaders to the table with effected populations, providing practical resources in home schooling management, training, certifications, job searching, and networking. Together, we can do more than just empower each other – we can take back the power in the workforce and build a sustainable and brighter future for us all.

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